We have added support for shipping orders with Team Global Express (Toll) B2C Standard service. To enable this service:
  1. Initial Setup:
    Ensure Toll Priority is already set up in your system. If not, please refer to our guide: How to set up Team Global Express Priority (Toll Priority).
  2. Configure Product Codes:
    Add the Toll B2C standard product codes. Click
    Add Product Code
    and use the following codes:
  • YG - B2C Standard Parcel ATL
  • W7 - B2C Standard 1kg Satchel ATL*
  • YI - B2C Standard 1kg Satchel SR*
  • W8 - B2C Signature 3kg Satchel ATL*
  • YJ - B2C Priority 3kg Satchel SR*
  • YF - B2C Standard 5kg Satchel ATL*
  • YK - B2C Priority 5kg Satchel SR*
  • ZM - B2C Standard Parcel SR
This update expands your shipping options with Toll's reliable B2C Standard service.