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Starshipit now supports dangerous goods with Post Haste. You can add and manage Post Haste dangerous goods in your Post Haste courier settings, ensuring compliance with Post Haste Dangerous Goods (DG) Policy.
🔄 Effortless configuration: Easily configure dangerous goods in the Post Haste settings page within Starshipit. You can then manual assign dangerous goods to your orders or automatically apply dangerous goods with our rules engine to streamline your shipping process.
📋 Auto generated declaration form: The DG declaration form will be automatically generated at the same time as the label print, using the information from Dangerous goods setting when the shipment is flagged for containing dangerous goods, eliminating the need for manual form creation.
🔐 Prior shipping: Be sure to you have followed Post Haste Dangerous goods (DG) guidelines before transport.
To learn more on how to get set up with check out our support guide 📖
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We have improved the way you access and manage product information in Starshipit.
Product Catalogue now in the main navigation
We've made it easier to access the product catalogue from wherever you are in Starshipit. Simply click 'Products' in the main navigation to access the product catalogue.
Introducing: Virtual scrolling and inline editing
We've introduced virtual scrolling, allowing seamless vertical navigation through the entire product grid without the need to navigate between pages. Additionally, we're rolling out inline editing, enabling you to edit and save product details directly within the product row. Follow the steps below to edit:
  • In the product grid, locate the desired product either by using the search field or by scrolling to the relevant product row.
  • Click on the specific field you wish to edit within the corresponding product row.
  • Update the necessary product details.
  • Save your changes by pressing 'Tab' or clicking anywhere else on the page.
If the field you intend to update is not visible, click on the cog icon to select and display the field.
It's easier to delete multiple products
Deleting multiple products is now a breeze:
  1. In the product grid, select the products you want to delete
  2. Click 'Delete' from the bulk action menu.
  3. Confirm the product deletion to remove the selected products.
Product Catalogue settings
Settings options related to the Product Catalogue are still accessed through
Settings > Product Catalogue
. We've introduced some additional settings to elevate your experience. You can read and explore them here.
⭐️ Available in UI 2.0 only.
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We've improved our functionality to automatically populate item values from the product catalogue and have introduced support to
override all values
from the product catalogue, not just the missing ones during order import.
To activate this feature, follow the steps below:
  • Navigate to Settings in your Starshipit account.
  • Choose Product Catalogue from the left menu.
  • Select 'Override all values.'
  • Click Save.
With this feature enabled, any order with a SKU matching a SKU in the Product Catalogue will have all product fields filled with the corresponding values in the Product Catalogue.
Additionally, we've introduced the option to add missing items to the Product Catalogue during order import if the item doesn’t exist in the catalogue.
To enable this feature, follow these steps:
  • In your Starshipit account, go to Settings.
  • Select Product Catalogue from the left menu.
  • Choose 'When importing orders, add items to the Product Catalogue if the items don’t match an existing SKU.
  • Click Save.
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We've updated our returns portal, so your customers can now add a return reason or exchange details directly during the returns process. This can reduce the need for follow-up communication and enhance the overall customer experience.
Additionally, this user-provided information, along with associated items being returned, will now be visible in the 'Notes' section within return order details.
If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can reach out to our support team.
Starshipit now supports specifying that shipments require an Adult Signature with DHL. You can enable this feature by selecting the 'Adult Signature' checkbox on the individual order.
At a customer’s request, DHL will obtain a delivery signature from an adult at the stipulated delivery address. If, for local legislative reasons, proof of the receivers age needs to be verified, DHL may need to request presentation of a valid government-issued personal identification document.
If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can reach out to our support team.
Dynamic Print Button
We've improved the print button on the Order details page to offer more flexibility in what happens after label print.
Click the arrow on the right of the Dynamic Print Button to switch between four options:
print and close
print and open next
, and
print and open prev
  • Print: Print the label and stay on the page
  • Print and close: Print the label and return to the Orders grid
  • Print and open next: Print the label and go to the next order in the Orders grid
  • Print and open prev: Print the label and go to the previous order in the Orders grid
Your selection is remembered, so you only need to change it once.
You can find the Dynamic Print Button in the Order details page of UI 2.0.
⭐️ Available in UI 2.0 only.
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Multipackage Support for Domestic Shipments:
MyPost Business doesn't support multi-package shipments, requiring cumbersome partial shipments for orders needing multiple packages. Now, skip that step by creating multiple labels for one order in Starshipit, simplifying the shipping process.
  • To configure, navigate to Settings > Couriers > MyPost Business > Advanced and select
    Enable Multi-Package Creation for Domestic Shipments.
    , then click
  • ⚠️ Note: Australia Post will bill each package as a separate consignment.
Auto-Signature for International Orders:
MyPost Business mandates signatures on international orders. You can now automatically add a digital signature, including the date and your company name, to international order labels.
  • To enable go to Settings > Couriers > MyPost Business > Advanced and select
    Automatically add digital signature to international labels
    , then click Save.
  • This feature applies to all newly printed international orders.
Performance Improvements for Bulk Printing:
Enhancements have been made to the performance of the system, allowing for efficient and reliable bulk printing of large numbers of MyPost Business orders. No additional setup is required
We've made an improvement to the calculation of shipping rates for unshipped orders. With this update, the system will now factor in both the item weight and the packaging weight when you have enabled 'Add packaging weight to your box' in package settings.
This improvement ensures visibility into accurate shipping costs before shipping. Additionally, it maintains consistency in costs between unshipped and shipped orders.
Refer to our support guide for detailed information on how to set up packages. If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can reach out to our support team.
Discover the convenience of our consolidated packing slip, designed to let you pick and pack using the same document. Plus, our new template editor gives you the freedom to customize this template to suit your preferences, from tweaking fonts to removing unnecessary columns.
  • ✅ Need bigger columns? Just drag to resize.
  • ✅ Don't need the SKU column? You can easily delete it.
  • ✅ Have a printer that supports colors? Update the template to match your brand colors.
Get Started in a Few Simple Steps:
  1. Navigate to
    Packing Slips
    and click
    Configure your packing summary here.
  2. Choose your preferred format. Tip: Click 'download' to easily compare the different types.
  3. To customize, select
    Customise your own.
Need a bit of guidance? Our detailed guide is there to help you through every step of using the editor.
Want to add a personal touch to your shipping labels? Our new template editor has got you covered. The label editor lets you easily customize your own labels - ensuring they align perfectly with your business's unique needs.
  • ✅ Need the order number bigger to make packing easier? Increase the font size.
  • ✅ Is the barcode in the way? Delete the variable from the template
  • ✅ Using a label printer that supports colours? Update the template to match your brand colours
  • ✅ Have custom text you'd like to include? Type into the template and it will be included on your labels.
Get Started:
  1. Go to
    Plain Label/Pickup in store Settings
    Label Template
  2. Select
    Customise your own
Need a hand? Our detailed guide is here to walk you through every step of using the editor.
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