Starshipit now supports USPS!
The new USPS Starshipit integration supports domestic shipments within the United States of America, enabling you to expand your eCommerce offering to the USA!
For further set up instructions please see our support guide.
Direct Freight: Disable Courier Notifications
By default, Direct Freight will email all customers a tracking email when a shipment is booked. We've now added an option to enable or disable this feature depending on what works best for you.
  1. Go to
    Direct Freight
  2. Enable or Disable
    Enable Email Notifications for Tracking
  3. Click Save
Amazon Easy Ship
We're excited to announce that Amazon Easy Ship is now available on Starshipit!
Starshipit's Amazon Easy Ship integration is supported for Amazon Marketplace orders domestic to Australia.
The Amazon Easy Ship integration allows you to use Starshipit's amazing features including printing shipping labels and tracking updates.
To get started you will need to opt in to Amazon Easy Ship - once you have opted in follow the below support guide enable Amazon Easy Ship in your Starshipit account!
We're excited to announce that the highly requested courier integration with FedEx is live!
Starshipit's FedEx integration allows you to send shipments from the AMEA region.
The FedEx integration allows you to use all of Starshipit's features including printing shipping labels, generating quotes within Starshipit's interface status updates and much more.
To integrate your FedEx account with Starshipit you will need the below details
  • Your FedEx account number
  • Logo of your signature to be displayed on the commercial invoice
  • Logo of your letter head to be displayed on the commercial invoice
You can follow this guide to integrate your FedEx account into Starshipit.
Search across accounts with Quick Print
Managing multiple stores, locations, or brands with child accounts and finding it difficult to track down where your orders ended up?
We've added the ability to search all of your accounts for a specific order number to make customer service even easier.
To find an order:
  1. Login to your parent account
  2. Click
    Quick Print
    in the left navigation bar
  3. Select the
    Search for an order
  4. Tick
    Include orders from child accounts
  5. Enter the order number and select search
You will be presented with a summary table of all the orders that match that order number including helpful information such as the orders current status, what account the order is on and what carrier it is assigned to.
For more information, see our support centre or reach out to our friendly support team at
Note: This feature is only available on UI 2.0. Check out our guide for migrating here.
DEAR: Advanced Sales
DEAR offers a type of sale with advanced features. Advanced sales are designed to handle sale orders where multiple invoices and/or fulfillments are to be considered part of the same sale.
Starshipit now allows you to configure your account so that each fulfilment from DEAR imports as one order in Starshipit.
Setting up Advanced Sales
  1. Go to
    > Select
    Version 2
  2. Tick
    Import Sale Fulfillments instead of Sales
  3. Click
For more information on the DEAR Inventory guide, check out our support guide.
Shopify: Real Time Sync
Previously, Starshipit's integration with Shopify only received order details once, when the order was placed. This meant that orders that were cancelled or updated once the order was already in Starshipit could accidentally be sent out when they shouldnt be, or with the wrong address or items.
We've solved this problem with Shopify Enhanced. Shopify Enhanced will now check all of your orders each time we import to see if there have been any updates to the orders and apply them to your shipped orders.
  • If orders have been cancelled in Shopify, we will remove them from Starshipit
  • If orders have been edited since we last imported them, we will sync those changes to the order in Starshipit (update shipping addresses, check the item quantities etc)
For more information on Shopify Enhanced, including migrating from Shopify classic, check out our support guide.
Quick Print: Print across child accounts
Quick Print allows you to reduce printing errors and streamline your workflow when packing many orders. Although it's great for single accounts, when printing across many child accounts it can be time consuming and complicated to switch between accounts to print your orders.
That is why we've introduced the option to print orders no matter which of your accounts they are in, from your parent account.
  1. Log into your parent account
  2. Navigate to the Quick Print page
  3. Select Include orders from child accounts
  4. Enter or scan your order number
  5. If the order number is unique, the order will print out immediately. If there are multiple of the same order number, the results will display however you will need to navigate to that child account to print the order.
Note: This feature is only available on UI 2.0. For more information on quick print, see our support guide and video.
We're excited to announce that the Starshipit X Uber integration is live!
The Uber integration allows you to leverage the Uber platform to provide on demand delivery services to your customers. This integration supports live rates in app, generating a real-time tracking link and booking in a driver for pickup.
Setting up Uber as a carrier in Starshipit
  • If you don't have an Uber Delivery account already, get in touch with our friendly support team who can introduce you to the Uber accounts team and help get the ball rolling
  • If you already are using Uber Delivery then all you need is your Customer ID to get started.
For more information about the integration and setting up the integration, check out our support guide.
Shopify: Import Bin Locations
With Shopify Enhanced we've leveraged Shopify's new metafields so that you can import bin locations into Starshipit. This will allow you to pick and pack more effectively using our packing slips.
This feature is available for bin locations on both the product itself and the variant. To have these import you will need to:
  1. Create a new custom text metafield in Shopify. The name space and key will need to be
  2. Ensure your products have values set
  3. Go to Starshipit > Settings > Integrations > Shopify Advanced > Import Bin Location metafield and select whether you have configured the bin location on the product or the variant
  4. Click Save
  5. Import your orders, the bin location will now come through automatically
For any questions on how to configure this, please contact
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