We've added a range of new optional columns to the Orders grid to give you more information about your orders at a glance without having to open each order individually.
You can now add the following columns to the Orders grid:
  • Company name: The receivers company name
  • SKU(s): SKUs for items ordered and their quantities
  • Item total: The total value of the items ordered excluding shipping (available in the new tab only)
  • Item quantity: The total number of items ordered
  • Shipping paid: The value of the shipping paid by the customer at checkout
  • Reference: The reference number for the order
  • Order date: Is now available across all tabs
  • Tracking number: The tracking numbers and links associated with the order (available in the printed/shipped tabs only
  • Bin location: The bin locations of the items in the order
  • Notes: Any notes for the order
To add optional columns to the grid:
click the
cog icon
and select which columns you'd like to display, then click
Your column will be added to the end of the grid, you can drag the column header to reposition.
Kapture 2023-07-28 at 14
Helpful tip:
You can click the column header to sort the Orders grid by a specific column.
Kapture 2023-07-28 at 14
Available in UI 2.0 only.
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