We've introduced two new rules to enhance your shipping process management based on item quantity:
Total Item Quantity
Item Quantity.
Total Item Quantity
takes into account the sum of all items in an order. For instance, you can set up a rule like
'If TOTAL ITEM QUANTITY > 5, then set courier as DHL Express'.
This rule is useful when the total number of items across different SKUs in an order reaches a specific threshold — such as when an order contains 2 units of SKU1 and 3 units of SKU2, making the total 5.
Item Quantity
focuses on the quantity of a specific item within an order. This rule is particularly effective when combined with the SKU condition. For example, you can create a rule
'If SKU = 1234 AND ITEM QUANTITY > 3, then set courier as Australia Post'.
This would apply if there are more than three units of item SKU 1234 in the order. It's important to note that the rule will run when the condition is met this means that even if there are multiple SKU in an order the rule will run when the first condition is met.
These rules provide you with greater flexibility and precision in managing how orders are processed. If you have any questions or require assistance setting up your rules please reach out to our support team.